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The question we are trying to answer in this study is this: Is the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) really changing? Is it headed toward a Scriptural direction? To speak against the predominant religion of this country is no easy task, especially when one considers that 82% of its population are Roman Catholics. But the truth […]

Convicted rapist Leo Echegaray was sentenced to death by lethal injection last January 4, 1999. While the whole Filipino nation waited, the Supreme Court of the Philippines issued an order temporarily restraining the execution to be set on or before June 15, 1999. Its reason to give time for the Senate and Congress to review […]

The devil’s at it again. The very lies and play of words he used in the beginning chapters of human history to bring our first parents to fall into sin are seducing many today in the opening chapters of the twenty-first century. “Yea, hath God said…?” (Gen. 3:1) was his question raised to undermine the […]